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Food and music are a perfect partnership.


Both nourish us on their own, but when paired they can harmonize in unexpected and memorable ways. It's this potential that underpins Sens and drives everything you'll find here.

Sens is a way to share culinary and audio concepts based on past experience, but what you do with everything here is up to you. The food, music and wine recommendations are offered as a guide - all you need is willingness to open your mouth and ears.

The recipes are not to be followed perfectly (good luck trying), but are intended to be flexible enough for you to make your own. The music is there for you to enjoy however you want - loud or soft, repeat or share in whatever way makes the moment. You know what to do with the wine...

I sincerely hope what you find here helps make your next culinary experience fun, memorable and uniquely your own. From my kitchen to yours - thank you for joining me.

Yours in food,


Sharing the building blocks of a delicious experience.

We live in a time when food shows up in a box on your doorstep, music is produced with a formula and wine choices are often made on a guess ("it had a cool label..."). Sens is here to offer an alternative, guided by years of happy friends and full bellies.

We're here for a tasty time, not a long time.

Some of these recipes may be best enjoyed in moderation (which is why they taste so good). Life is about balance. It can't hurt to add extra veggies to your next meal to make up for it... Your mom would thank you.

Home cooked food doesn't need to look like it's for a commercial.

While we try to make each dish look as appealing as it tastes, know that what you see is what you'll get. We shoot all our photos on an iPhone and use very limited corrections or filters.

We're here to help, just get in touch!

Everything at Sens has been thoughtfully crafted to be shared with you. If you have any questions or suggestions we'd love to hear from you, either in the chat to the right or via email at!

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