Music Performance

Our favorite tracks, served in passionately curated playlists for every mood.




Tasty musical morsels to get you started.

Sens Favorites

Some of our most loved tracks. A great place to start on your musical journey.

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Easy Listening

Relaxed music to accompany you on your culinary journey.

Good Vibes

Everything is awesome! Just ask this feel good playlist.

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Something Different

New & unique sounds from across the music world. 

Good Kinda Music

A modern blend of jazz and hip hop swagger. Tom Misch & Co. will broaden your musical horizons.

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Party Time

"You're an awesome dancer!" - Alcohol

Bass Fillets

Bumping tracks for lovers of the four stringed guitar (not the fish).

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Current Mood

Feeling some type of way? These playlists get you.

Cook Like a Badass

If you weren't already the coolest home cook out there you soon will be.

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From Down South

Southern fried musical goodness.

Country Fried

Sounds from The South. This is country music at its finest.

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