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Spinach, jalapenos and sour cream combine to make this simple but delicious crowd pleaser. A dish fit for Popeye.




40 minutes




Ingredients + Preparation

- Frozen spinach (750g, defrosted & drained)

- Melting cheese: Cheddar, gouda or Monterrey Jack (100g, cut in cubes)

- Sour cream (1/2 cup)

- Coriander (1/2 cup)

- Pickled jalapeno & juice (Six pieces and dash of juice)

- Garlic (Three cloves, cleaned & quartered)


1. Defrost the spinach in the microwave or leave it out for an hour before you start to whip this up. Once thawed squeeze out any excess liquid.
2. Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend until mixed. The mixture should have small chunks of cheese visible and be a light green color.
3. Add to baking pan and cook in the oven at 200 C / 400 F for 30 minutes. It's done once it starts to bubble and the top slightly darkens.
4. Serve immediately.

Sens Sips

Two Wine Cups


Look local!

This is a dip you might make for a potluck or party, so there's other things that will influence what you're drinking.

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Sun-kissed songs for a BBQ on the deck or a day at the beach. Shaka brah!

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Tips + Tricks

- To easily drain the liquid once the spinach is defrosted, cut a small hole in the bag and squeeze into the sink.
- You can change the amount of jalapenos you use if you want to adjust the heat.
- Sub yogurt for sour cream for a healthier option
- This is a great dish to bring to a potluck or dinner party. Make the mix beforehand and then bake once you get where you're going!

Mama's Wisdom

A clever way to include large servings of spinach (high in iron) in your meal. To reduce fat and increase protein use high-protein Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Health boost: Serve with side of raw veggies, not just chips.

Mama Wulf

Marta De Wulf is a dietitian with over 25 years experience helping people explore and appreciate the link between food and personal wellbeing.

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