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Cumin, paprika and cayenne make this fragrant rice a perfect side for any Mexican-inspired meals.




20 minutes




Ingredients + Preparation

- Rice: White or brown (Two cups)

- Canned tomato: Diced, puréed (One can)

- Stock powder / bullion (1/2 tbsp)

- Cumin (1 tbsp)

- Paprika (1/2 tbsp)

- Cayenne (1 tsp)

- Water (1 cup)

- Salt & pepper (To taste)


1. Wash rice in the sieve under room temperature water, stirring with your hand to mix the grains. Water should run clear after 30 seconds.
2. Add rice, tomato, stock, cumin, paprika and cayenne into your rice cooker or pot.
3a. If using a pot, cover with lid and bring rice and water to a boil and cook for 2 minutes, then drop heat to lowest temperature and cook for 15 minutes, until liquid has been absorbed.
3b. If using a rice cooker just switch it on and let it do its thing.
4. Remove the lid and fluff the rice. Add salt & pepper to taste.
5. Serve immediately or re-cover with lid.

Sens Sips

Two Wine Cups



Rhone Valley, France
Barossa Valley, South Australia

Aragón, Spain

Look for bolder wines that have good fruit presence, such as a Grenache. Try to stick with a new world wine from Australia and the US, as they are typically more fruit forward to roll with these bold flavors in the food. You can also try Spanish Garnacha, an older wine variety (it gave us today's Grenache) that in recent years has rebounded.

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Tips + Tricks

- Brown rice doesn't need as much washing, as it's more fibrous and has less starch. It's still important to give all varieties a good rinse as this will remove any baddies from the rice.

Mama's Wisdom

To increase the fiber content and nutritional value, use short-grain brown rice. Tomatoes add vitamin C and lycopene, both important antioxidants that balance free radical activity in your body and protect against diseases and help keep bones strong. Inspect stock labels for MSG, as it can be an allergen for some people.

Mama Wulf

Marta De Wulf is a dietitian with over 25 years experience helping people explore and appreciate the link between food and personal wellbeing.

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